H. Arlo Nimmo

Cultural anthropologist

Good and Bad Times in a San Francisco Neighborhood

Good and Bad Times in a San Francisco Neighborhood. 2007. San Francisco: October Properties. 

Good and Bad Times in a San Francisco NeighborhoodThis book explores the history of Duboce Park and Potomac Street, a small park and short street in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco.   Part One, “History,” discusses the origins of the park and street as well as changes in the neighborhood from 1899 to 2007. The data utilized include San Francisco city documents, United States census reports, newspaper stories, interviews with longtime residents and H. Arlo Nimmo’s observations during thirty-five years’ residence on Potomac Street. Part Two, “Musings and Memories,” is a journal of personal observations recorded by Nimmo during his long residence in the neighborhood. Although the history of this neighborhood is unique, in many ways it is a microcosm of the surrounding neighborhoods, the city of San Francisco and the urban history of the United States. A Revised Edition released in 2016 (ISBN# 9781534686052) includes an Afterword that discusses changes in the neighborhood since the original publication of this book in 2007.

ISBN: 9780981450902, 124 pages, 18 photos, 1 map, 6 tables.

ISBN: 9781534686052, 137 pages, 18 photos, 1 map, 6 tables.

“[This] book is a charming narrative and an excellent addition to the archives of neighborhood history.” Newsletter of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society

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