H. Arlo Nimmo

Cultural anthropologist

Bajau of the Philippines

Bajau of the Philippines. 1972. Ethnocentrism Series. New Haven: Human Relations Area Files, Inc. 

Bajau of the PhilippinesThis is one of twenty books in the Ethnocentrism Series of the Cross-Cultural Study of Ethnocentrism conducted by Robert A LeVine and Donald T Campbell and sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation. A standardized format for conducting interviews was provided for each anthropologist participating in the study. The content of the interview schedule was determined by its theoretical relevance to the phenomenon of ethnocentrism. The interviews in this book were conducted by H. Arlo Nimmo in 1967 and are direct translations of interviewee responses to the interview schedule.

Sections I and V present background material on the Bajau (aka Sama Dilaut) and the interviewees. Section II contains vernacular terms for concepts of social organization and aggression.   Sections III and IV contain the interview schedule itself with responses obtained from local interviewees. Questions in Section III.A are designed to elicit a list of salient out-groups from each interviewee; those in Section III.B involve the in-group’s imagery of each of those out-groups while III.C deals with the nature of in-group/out-group relations. In Sections III.D and III.E, the interviewee is asked to make relative ratings of the in-group and all out-groups on certain characteristics, including traits which are evaluated in Section III.G. Section III.F contains data on in-group self-imagery.

The final sections of the interview deal with internal features of the in-group: interpersonal and other forms of intra-group aggression, sexual behavior, forms of deviant behavior, beliefs and rituals, child-rearing practices and patterns of authority. All questions are designed to obtain retrospective information, i.e. the interviewee’s memory of conditions existing prior to extensive contact.

255 pages, 2 maps, bibliography.

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