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Directions in Pacific Traditional Literature. Essays in Honor of Katharine Luomala

Directions in Pacific Traditional Literature. Essays in Honor of Katharine Luomala. 1976. Adrienne L. Kaeppler and H. Arlo Nimmo, editors. Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press.

Directions in Pacific Traditional Literature, Essays in Honor of Katharine LuomalaCo-edited by H. Arlo Nimmo and Adrienne L. Kaeppler, this book is a Festschrift for Katharine Luomala, renowned Polynesian literature scholar, on her retirement from teaching at the University of Hawaii. It includes a biography of Luomala and a bibliography of her publications by Leonard Mason. The sixteen essays by her colleagues and students discuss traditional Pacific literature from Micronesia, Polynesia, Melanesia, Indonesia and the Philippines.


Contents include:

  1. “The Apotheosis of Marespa” by William A. Lessa.
  2. “The Origin of Clans on Namu, Marshall Islands” by Nancy A. Pollock.
  3. “Aspects of the Word Lei” by Mary Kawena Pukui.
  4. “Connotative Values of Hawaiian Place Names” by Samuel H. Elbert.
  5. “Hawaiian Chants and Songs Used in Political Campaigns” by Eleanor Williamson.
  6. “The Fireball in Hawaiian Folklore” by William K. Kikuchi.
  7. “Tuamotuan Chants and Songs from Napuka” by Kenneth P. Emory.
  8. “Dance and the Interpretation of Pacific Traditional Literature” by Adrienne L. Kaeppler.
  9.  “Some Extra-Oceanic Affinities of Polynesian Narratives” by Bacil F. Kirtley.
  10.  “Dualism in Trobriand Culture” by David B. Eyde.
  11.  “Horatio Alger in New Guinea” by Ben R. Finney.
  12.  “I Watu Gunung: A Balinese Calendrical Myth” by Jack H. Ward.
  13.  “A Functional Interpretation of Bajau Songs” by H. Arlo Nimmo.
  14.  “Gossip Among the Philippine Oligarchy: Some Tender Hypotheses” by Richard L. Stone.
  15.  “Folk Traditions and Interethnic Relations in Northeastern Luzon, Philippines” by Jean Treloggen Peterson.
  16.  “Type Indexing the Folk Narrative” by Hiroko Ikeda.

ISBN: 0910240205, 352 pages, bibliographies, index.

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